What makes us different?

We didn't start in payment processing; we're just awesome at it.

We are tech geeks

With roots as a web development company, we understand database development and web design at a fundamental level. More importantly, we're interested in it. We don't stop at just running a transaction. We explore every angle to make a transaction better.

Research & Development

Our in-house development team is constantly working to improve our system as well as introduce new components for our partners. As trends change, we know you'll need to adapt. So when we see an opportunity, TRANSAX will build and deliver a solution for you to be better prepared than any competitor.

Retain with Technology

The open secret of the payment processing industry is that having the right technology is the key to merchant retention. Selling on rates only leads to diminishing returns and merchants who forget your name. TRANSAX actually changes the way a merchant conducts business, and gives you meaningful relationship that will last.

First Impression

The sleek look and organic flow of our system rarely go unnoticed. TRANSAX Gateway's fresh design and modern interface is what merchants want to see. For today's merchants, you should represent today's gateway.

Mobile Optimized

TRANSAX Gateway is built with responsive HTML so it works perfectly across all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Who needs an app when the entire gateway is in your palm?

Sell Below Buy Rates

You can sell lower than your own costs or waive fees entirely. You have the power to create and market any pricing package you want. People said there's no reason to lose a whole deal over a trivial fee, and we agree.

No Competitors, Only Partners

TRANSAX is interested in exploring all opportunities. If you have your own gateway, but like our technology, we can integrate our gateway with yours. Then, TRANSAX QB, BillPay, and all the rest is suddenly a front end to your system too. Our technology helps you sell accounts and you still process the payments. We believe good partnerships come in many forms.

Request a live demo. Because seeing is believing folks.
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