Hosted Payment Page

Immediately reduce risk exposure with a dynamic, PCI Compliant hosted check out form

Simple Payments

Merchants can generate an HPP to quickly and easily sell fixed price goods, or collect variable amounts for donations.

Out of Scope

The page is hosted by TRANSAX Gateway in our PCI Compliant facility under our domain name. The checkout process is not included in the scope of their PCI Compliance reviews.

API Management

Technically savvy merchants can control the page programmatically using our API. Since communication happens via encrypted hash, they're still never exposed to any sensitive data.

Multiple Outputs

Merchants select from any of 5 different output types for their cardholders. Merchants can choose a simple email form, direct links, HTML code, iFRAME HTML, and/or QR Codes.

Choose the Fields

Pick which fields are hidden, shown, or required on the HPP, including the Custom Fields created by the merchant. Each form is exactly what the merchant wants and needs it to be.

Multiple Transaction Types

An HPP can be set to perform a Sale or an Authorization. This means that HPP can be used, for example, to collect cardholder information for tokenization in addition to simply running a transactions.

Custom "Thank You" URL

Tech savvy merchants can enter their own Return URL with each HPP they create. Cardholders will see the merchant's custom "Thank you" page at the end of the purchase. If a Return URL is not provided, the cardholder will see TRANSAX Gateway's standard receipt.

Mobile Support w/ QR

A QR Code is one of the many output choices for HPP. The QR codes can be posted to websites, printed on flyers, business cards, or distributed in any number of ways. Cardholders simply scan the QR code to securely pay using their own smart phone or tablet!

SAFE Management

Cardholders have the option, at the bottom of each HPP, to tokenize their own card data in the SAFE for future use with that merchant. Additionally, HPP's can be set up so that all card data through a particular HPP is always automatically tokenized.

Usage Count

Merchants can set a limit for the number of purchases via a HPP. So if they only have X number of products to sell, the HPP will automatically disable itself once the limit has been hit.


HPP is the perfect tool for collecting donations. Each cardholder can enter their own dollar amount so the form doesn't limit what the merchant can receive!

Coming soon!

More features will be made available as we continue to enhance all technology. Contact us today for a live demo and start offering our HPP solution to your merchants.

Request a live demo. Because seeing is believing folks.
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