Enhanced Reporting

Flexible and easy to use reporting tools

Searchable / Sortable

Merchants can search for transactions using a variety of built-in criteria. Plus, they can add their own filterable custom fields to tag transactions and search for them based unique, internal information.


Almost every transaction report can be exported out of TRANSAX Gateway to an Excel Spreadsheet or a text file. This allows merchants to easily move data around and crunch numbers as needed.

Multiple Types

Merchants can look at transactions in multiple ways such as a simple transaction search, settlements, or batch uploads. There's even a User Report which tracks all user activity from the time they log in to the time they log out.

We have more information available today than ever before. Making sense of that information is what's important now. Flexible and easy to use reporting helps your merchants get to the data they need quickly and easily.

Request a live demo. Because seeing is believing folks.
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