FileMaker Payment Integration

Automate Payment Processing Activity in FileMaker

FileMaker Payment Integration

Our developers have been working with FileMaker since 1987

TRANSAX is the only payment processor with FileMaker developers on staff. The idea of automating payment processing from within FileMaker is almost unheard of. Imagine being able to run credit card transactions, automatic checking account withdrawals (ACH), or refunds directly from within a FileMaker database. TRANSAX can help you accomplish just that.

Lasso is a choice by many FileMaker developers for developing their web based front-end. TRANSAX has a Lasso Tag available in the TRANSAX FleXport Toolkit which allows Lasso developers to easily integrate credit card acceptance into their system. Whether you are processing out of Lasso, PHP, or directly from your FileMaker database, TRANSAX is the ideal choice.

* Sample code also available for MAC
* Works with FileMaker Instant Web Publishing
* Magtek Magnesafe Swipe support

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