VB 6.0 Payment Integration

Automate Payment Processing Activity in Visual Basic

4D Payment Integration

VB6 developers who need to integrate a payment processing component into their application are more or less on their own.

There are many systems in place throughout the world that were built using VB6 and many developers who still support those applications. Additionally, even though VB6 is an old technology, there are new applications being put in place every day using VB6 as the platform. TRANSAX is here to help. We have VB6 developers on staff who have been working with VB6 for years.

Our FlexPort Toolkit has easy to use templates that allow VB6 developers to easily and quickly integrate payment processing into their application (both Credit Card and ACH / E-Check transactions).

Let's talk VB6 integration.

We have VB6 developers on staff ready to help

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