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TRANSAX QB is a payment module used to process credit/debit and ACH transactions through the TRANSAX Gateway. Offer better rates and mark up extra features like Batch Processing, Transactions Sync, Accounts Payable, and Card Swipe. Or customize it to meet the specific needs of your merchant.


TRANSAX BillPay is a complete online bill presentment and payment system. Fully integrated with TRANSAX QB to pull in invoices from any source. BillPay allows customers to account management, custom receipts and Email notifications. The front-end is merchant branded and fully controlled via our BillPay API.

Mobile Apps

TRANSAX Mobile is available for iOS or Android devices. Add on encrypted swipe to reduce PCI Compliance risk. As features are added to the core gateway each component is automatically available through our mobile apps.


Our programming staff has the ability to modify our existing technology to fit the needs of your merchants. All you have to do is ask.