QuickBooks® Payment Plug-in

A plug-in for processing transactions directly within Intuit QuickBooks using the TRANSAX Gateway.

QuickBooks Payment Plug-in

New Remote Deposit Capture and Check Conversion

Merchants can scan their checks, process their RDC transactions, and record the payments in QuickBooks - no duplicate data entry. Simply load your check into your check reader (contact TRANSAX for information on which Check Readers are currently supported), click the scan button, and run your transaction. The check is converted to an electronic transaction, money is electronically deposited into your bank account, and the payment is recorded in QuickBooks, and you are done.

Credit/Debit or ACH

Merchants can process payments using credit and debit cards or using electronic checks. More payment options means more merchants can use it.

Batch Processing

Process multiple payments at once rather than one at a time. Simply select which customers you want to process, click the Run Batch button, and let the system do the rest.

Sync Transactions

TRANSAX Sync is a feature that will pull in transaction data from other sources, such as a website or mobile devices, to help automate a merchant's accounting reconciliation process.

It's Customizable

We built it, so we can change it. Let us know if your merchant has special needs and we'll try to meet them.

Accounts Payable

Pay any bill via ACH to deposit money directly in a Vendor's checking account. Store the vendor's payment data in the SAFE for reuse on future transactions.

Card Swipe

Our QuickBooks Payment Plug-in now supports swipe transactions. Swipe cards when present to obtain the lower, qualified discount rates.

* Compatible with Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks (2007 – current) including QuickBooks Premiere, Pro, and Enterprise.
* There is NOT a Mac version at this time.
* NOT compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) or QuickBooks Online.

Proud to be an Official QuickBooks ProAdvisor

We intend to take this new opportunity to learn and continue to build secure payment functionality for the QuickBooks community. If you have specific needs, we can customize the TRANSAX QuickBooks Payment Processing Plug-in to meet them. What type of customizations can be made? The answer is simple – pretty much anything. Your imagination is the limit. Our programmers spent over 300 hours developing our QuickBooks plug-in. Most development firms would charge $50,000+ for this as a custom built component. If you are a QuickBooks Integrators, Consultants or Developers we want to hear from you.

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